Efficient Cross Corridor Organisation

Project information

  • ECCO (Phase 4)
  • Efficient Cross Corridor Organisation
  • Project director: Sandra Gehenot
  • Project manager: Joost Overdijkink
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: 2020/FRE/646

Project description

In 2010, the EU Regulation 913/2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight was adopted by the EU Parliament and Council and entered into force on 9 Nov. 2010. Overall purpose was to increase rail freight’s attractiveness and efficiency with special focus on international traffic, to increase its competitiveness and market share on the European transport market.

The Regulation has the general objective to improve the conditions for international rail freight by reinforcing cooperation among infrastructure managers/allocation bodies – along selected Rail Freight Corridors.

Each corridor implemented its own governance structure including one Railway Undertaking Advisory Group (RAG). Each RAG is an opportunity for RUs to represent their interests and give recommendations about improvement options regarding infrastructure, logistics and procedures from a customer s point of view.

The need for harmonisation and coordination of the RAG spokespersons is essential to in order to achieve effective and positive improvements for RUs and bring the corridors to be more “customer oriented”.

In the last years, through ECCO’s input, relevant work has been done on specific issues and currently a cross corridor dialogue between RFCs (IMs) and RUs is ongoing at the initiative of ECCO. The process is still evolving and needs further support in order to reach its goals.

ECCO - phase 4

ECCO phase 4 is aimed at providing the required support and coordination from RUs. The main benefits deriving from this coordinated sectoral activity are:

  • Better coordination of RUs on cross-corridor topics
  • Reduced costs for RUs
  • Improved interoperability
  • Improved reliability of services
  • Improved customer satisfaction

5 work streams:

  1. Coordinate implementation and harmonization process, contributing to improvement of harmonisation of border processes
  2. SS Priority 9: Implementing shared KPIs
  3. SS Priority 11: ICM
  4. Revision Reg 913/2010
  5. Streamlining RFC meetings


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