Tuesday 23 May 2023

UIC addresses the challenges of high-speed railways through recent and upcoming interactions with the Alliance of Universities for High-Speed Rail (AUHSR)

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High-speed trains are developing at a rapid pace and the number of countries using high-speed trains is on the rise, with further projects under construction across the world, including in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and in the Middle East.

Today’s challenges are global, requiring new sustainable transport systems and decarbonisation, while new situations also call for new transport operations and solutions to meet mass transport needs. There is a coordinated effort underway from all stakeholders in the transport chain to rise to meet these challenges, and the global railway community, united within UIC, including universities through the Alliance of Universities for High-Speed Rail (AUHSR), is part of this.

The most recent sessions where AUHSR participated included:

  • 7-8 March - with 20 universities from across the world presenting papers in the parallel sessions during the 11th UIC High-Speed Congress in Marrakech
  • 21 March - Professor Liu Zhiming of BJTU and Liuping Wang met at UIC HQ for discussions on new cooperation
  • 19 April - Lucas Rabehi of ESTACA France met with the UIC Night Train Working Group
  • 16 May - Professor Andrea Giuricin of Milan Bicocca took part in a panel discussion on HSR competition during the USHSR meeting in Washington DC
  • 17 May - with Professor Zhenhua Chen of the Ohio State University giving an overview of the status of HSR in China during the USHSR conference in Washington DC
  • 22 May - with the Universities of Applied Sciences from Erfurt, St. Pölten and Winterthur participating in the trinational (D-A-CH) master studies in “European railway systems”, on the topic “benchmarks in European high-speed railway traffic” with the involvement of Professor Dr.-Ing. Thomas Sauter-Servaes of the ZHAW University (Switzerland)

Upcoming sessions and events:

  • 25 May - Professor Paul Plummer of the University of Birmingham and Li Dewei of the University of Beijing will give a presentation on the post Covid status of the “New Normal”
  • 13-14 September - with professor Francesca Pagliara of the UNINA, the University of Naples (Italy) speaking in the 3rd International Workshop on the Socio-economic Impact of HSR (register here)
  • 21 September - Professor Clara Zamorano of UPM (Madrid, Spain) together with Associate Professor Doctor Juan Gómez Sánchez will discuss the impact of liberalisation on HSR ticketing offers
  • Autumn 2023 – an issue of the RGCF magazine will publish the best papers presented during the 11th edition of the UIC High-Speed Congress in Marrakech held in March 2023.

The AUHSR is another way for UIC to realise its purpose: to foster cooperation among the world’s railways, to find the best solutions for future mobility by 2030, by working together and in solidarity, with the support of the best universities in the field of HSR around the world.

For further information please contact Philippe Lorand, Senior Advisor High-Speed Rail: lorand@uic.org

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