Train operation

Operation Study Group, Seamless international and border crossing freight traffic

Operation Study Group

The purpose of the “Operation Study Group” is to harmonise operational processes, requirements and regulations. This is the basis for a seamless international and border crossing freight traffic. Issues to be tackled in this group range from:

  • Updating respective leaflets in the framework of rail freight traffic
  • Evaluating the impact of other leaflets on operations
  • Accompanying the TAF TSI implementation process on certain matters
  • Cooperating with other organizations like RNE, CER and FTE in the field of operations
  • Cooperating with UIC’s Rail System Forum within the “Operation Focus Group”
  • Cooperating with COLPOFER in terms of security matters


  • Giving guidance to RUs towards their supporting role in the RU Advisory Groups vis-à-vis the IMs concerning their work initiated by EU reg. 913/2010
  • Developing a new UIC leaflet 419-3 defining the core element of the Train-ID in the framework of TAF TSI
  • Defining new operational rules for the parking brake force
  • Root-and-branch revision of Leaflet 472 including a harmonization of the consist list and the braking sheet by:
    • Determining the data elements of the consist list for the loc driver
    • Harmonising of dangerous goods data between the RID and Leaflet 472
    • Defining requirements for the braking sheet
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