Trespass and Suicide Prevention

Trespass and Suicide Prevention Network (TreSP-Network)

Acting chair: Dr. Ann Mills (RSSB) Vice Chair: Nils La Cour (DSB) UIC Coordinator: Isabelle Fonverne

Members: UIC members, railway infrastructure managers, psychologists, human behaviour specialists, academics

Meetings: 2 to 3 times a year


  • Offer an international platform to exchange best practices as regards Trespass and Suicide Prevention-related issues
  • Propose Trespass and Suicide Risk Assessment methods to identify risks and implement measures to prevent those risks from causing casualties
  • Issue guidelines to help the railway industry to select effective interventions when tackling rail trespass and suicide prevention
  • Aware the public of the dangers at and around railway tracks
  • Promote safe behaviour by all users at and around railway tracks
  • Promote international events on the themes “Trespass and Suicide Prevention”
  • Coordinate an international Trespass Awareness Day campaign (TreSPAD) early June each year.

RESTRAIL project

RESTRAIL (REduction of Suicides and Trespasses on RAILway property) project coordinated by UIC with the objective of reducing:

  • The occurrence of suicides and trespass on railway property
  • Service disruption and other consequences these events cause
    by providing the rail industry with an analysis and identification of cost-effective prevention and mitigation measures

Visit RESTRAIL website:

Main outcome: the RESTRAIL Toolbox, a problem-solving guide for implementation of measures to prevent railway suicides and trespassing accidents and to mitigate the post-incident consequences. It is the main output of the RESTRAIL research project and it aims to be a helpful, intuitive and user-friendly tool. It summarises practical information collected and produced during the project (synthesis, guidelines, best practice, lessons learned and empirical evidence for effectiveness). The content also makes links with scientific publications which support the recommended measures, providing a wide list of references.

Trespass Awareness Day campaign - TRESPAD

Trespass and Suicide events affect the whole of the rail industry with an adverse impact on safety, performance, reputation, costs and efficiency. It affects all parts of the business and the society as a whole and is therefore something that we must tackle together.
The International Trespass Awareness Day (TRESPAD) is a UIC initiative to prevent railway trespassing.

UIC contact

UIC Coordinator: Isabelle Fonverne

The TRESPAD website:

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